Bank of America Building

Analysis and Proposed Solution

The Hydronic System for the Bank of America Building had non-compliant Raypak Two Million BTU Water Heaters per S.CAQMD Rule 146.2. Pacific Energy Service Inc, proposed to remove and install new Raypak 2 Million BTU High Efficiency, Low-Nox, Modulating vertical boiler.

Achievements and Results

Pacific Energy Service Inc., replaced boiler No. two which is now currently operating as primary boiler. Boiler No. One has been disabled and remains for emergency use only. Its replacement is currently being scheduled and will allow existing system to now have a 4 to 1 turn around ratio for better temperature control and maximum energy efficiency. The building, while now being compliant with all current air quality requirements, will also enjoy the reliability of new equipment, boiler efficiency savings, and system efficiency savings.